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Osteopathy is practiced through manipulative techniques to treat a wide variety of conditions. At the same time, art and sciences, the osteopathic approach includes all aspects of oneself. The principles of osteopathy are about homeostasis, that is to say the faculty of living organisms to maintain a constancy and a relative balance to physiological phenomena. The human being must be considered as a biological entity, anatomically, physiologically and psychologically. A disruption of the tissues or their functions will therefore take place on the whole body. The osteopath must receive rigorous and thorough training in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics for a better knowledge of body structures. With his skills, he must be able to make connections between different systems to achieve harmony of the body during treatment. In addition, the various signs and symptoms of pathologies must be recognized. In parallel, the osteopathic practice imposes a precise palpatory art in order to detect hidden tensions or subtle movements. The purpose of osteopathic treatment is to treat the origin of tension and lesions. Through various handling techniques, release blockages to help the body find its balance and health. There are various osteopathic approaches according to the specific needs of each patient. These have traditionally been grouped into four techniques, but they could not be isolated. It should be noted that the following techniques They are different in a very basic way and from these are really different approaches, such as inclusion, posture, balance, gynaecology, etc.

Promotionnal price (no insurance receipt given) = 60.00$
Consultation + 1st treatment = 75 minutes
Follow up Treatments = 60 minutes

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