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Hydrotherapy: Spa-Jet Hydrofusion™

Dermalife™ is a multi-sensory spa system that uses the unique harmonization of radiant heat, steam and aromatherapy. These elements join forces to promote product penetration, optimizing levels of deep cleansing and moisturizing of the body. Mood-enhancing chromotherapy is also used to calm the mind, putting you in a state of total harmony and relaxation. You may choose to end your treatment with a variety of different options such as the soothing power of twenty shower jets, a tropical rain shower and two-foot spray jets that will refresh those tired, aching feet. Whether it is to increase blood circulation, alleviate the aches and pains caused by injuries or ailments such as arthritis, or to prevent the signs of aging, our professional aesthetician will choose the appropriate combination of Spa Jet Hydrofusion™ elements to suit your individual needs.

Spa-Jet treatment: $60.00

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